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What Are Pipe Shoes, Pipe Supports, and Saddles?

Pipe shoes, pipe supports, and saddles are essential to support parts designed to prevent pipe degradation over time. They all have different uses, and this article will help you understand when you should use each one and why.

What Are Pipe Shoes?

Pipe shoes support a pipeline, preventing the pipes from moving even when at pressure or after fluctuations in temperature. They stabilize the pipes and enhance the security of a pipe system.

Advantages of Pipe Shoes

Vibration dampening

Pipe shoes help to hold a pipeline in place even when an area has strong vibrations running through the air or structure around it.

Easy to install

Installation is easy; you can install them and secure the pipeline.


Instead of only having a few set points, you can use pipe shoes to stabilize the pipes in the larger area. This helps minimize stress concentrations and ensures balanced support.

Types of Pipe Shoes

While metallic materials are common, there are also composite materials. The utilization of composites brings some advantages, including corrosion resistance and electrical resistance.

What Are Pipe Supports?

Pipe supports are not intended to hold the pipe in as firmly. Instead, they tend to elevate them and bear the load of the pipeline without holding them against a surface.

Advantages of Pipe Supports

Pipe support effectively separates the pipes from the vibrations, minimizing the impact of vibration on the structure.

They are designed to be less constricting to the pipeline, allowing easier access during maintenance.

Types of Pipe Supports

There are two main types of pipe supports: static supports and spring supports. Each type of support pipeline is based on its specific characteristics and functions.

What Are Saddles?

Whereas shoes tend to strap a pipe to a surface, saddles separate them from the point of attachment. They maintain a stable point of contact without allowing for direct touching.

Advantages of Saddles

The lack of contact means you can avoid chemical reactions or corrosion between the pipeline and its load-bearing point. Also, much like pipe shoes, they are very easy to install.

Types of Saddles

The main differences between types of saddle are the material used. Some offer covers for the saddle to create further separation between the clamp and the pipe itself. Others do not need this additional aid.

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