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Craftsman using gas cutting machine in steel fabrication for construction industry sparks produced

Our Steel and Metal Fabrication Products

Pipe support/pipe shoes: Explicitly tailored for the oil and gas industry, our pipe support and shoes provide robust solutions for challenging environments.

Platforms: Our platforms are designed to meet stringent safety and performance standards for industrial facilities or non-industrial spaces.

Stairs: We fabricate durable and secure stairs suitable for various applications.

Clamps and saddles: Our precision-engineered clamps and saddles ensure the stability of your structures.

Embedded plates and skids: Designed for versatility, our embedded plates and skids offer reliable support in diverse settings.

Structural Steel

Terrick Enterprises Ltd specializes in crafting high-quality structural steel components. Our team brings years of expertise, ensuring that each structural steel element, from beams to columns, is engineered with precision and durability. Our commitment extends beyond design, incorporating rigorous quality assurance processes to guarantee the integrity and performance of our products. Whether facing harsh weather conditions or bearing heavy loads, our structural steel are forged to withstand the most challenging conditions. 

The steel structure of industrial building

Custom Metal Fabrication

At Terrick Enterprises Ltd, we pioneer custom metal fabrication. From intricate designs to functional solutions, our commitment to innovation and creativity drives us to explore new possibilities in custom metal fabrication. We are in touch with our clients throughout the process, ensuring that their vision, goals, and specifications are seamlessly integrated into the final product. Quality craftsmanship is at the heart of every project, embodying our dedication to precision and exceeding client expectations.

Industrial worker at welding factory

Our Metal Fabrication Process

Consulting: We understand our clients and their requirements, providing expert advice to ensure the success of their projects.

Fabrication: Utilizing advanced tools and techniques, our certified team excels in machining, welding, cutting, drilling, coating, and bending.

Quality assurance: For us, quality is non-negotiable. Our quality assurance processes guarantee that every product meets or exceeds industry standards.

Industries We Serve

Terrick Enterprises Ltd is a versatile force in metal and steel fabrication, offering tailored solutions across a broad spectrum of industries in Calgary:

  • Gas and oil industries 

  • Mining 

  • Pulp mills 

  • Agriculture

Our metal fabrication services are designed to cater to the unique demands of each industry. With a commitment to precision engineering and quality craftsmanship, we contribute to the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of structures and components across various industries, positioning ourselves as a trusted partner for excellence in metal and steel fabrication in Calgary.

Why Choose Us

More than 29 years of experience: With over three decades of experience, Terrick Enterprises Ltd brings knowledge and expertise to every project.

Advanced tools and experience: We leverage cutting-edge tools and industry knowledge to deliver exceptional results.

Certified team: Our CWB weld-certified metal fabrication team comprises professionals who ensure the highest quality standards in every fabrication project.

Contact Us

Ready to elevate your metal fabrication experience? Contact Terrick Enterprises Ltd today to discuss your project requirements. Visit our gallery and our blog page for more information!

Precision Metalworking With Modern Laser Cnc Mill In Hightech Setting
Industrial pipeline system.

Pipe Support Products

Do you need specific pipe support products? We can manufacture custom-sized pipe clamps as per your specific requirements.

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