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Metal Fabrication Demand By Industry

metal welder at work

Did you know that the global metal fabrication equipment market is forecasted to reach $92.84 billion by 2025? The metal fabrication industry is a large and multidimensional one. Metals are among the most commonly used materials for various applications in today's world. Many industries have come to rely on a steady supply of fabricated metal products and services. Keep reading for a rundown of the industries with a high demand for metal fabrication.

The Metal Fabrication Industry

Metal fabrication is a booming industry that produces a variety of products for different industries. The industry structure varies by country due to the types of metal used, such as steel or aluminum, and the sector's manufacturing requirements. The growth of each sector that relies on metal fabrication contributes to the growth of metal fabrication services. This makes it a very fast-growing industry. Construction

Metal fabrication is an essential part of construction projects. Construction of buildings, bridges and other major infrastructures requires a lot of different metal parts and components. Pieces such as nuts, bolts, screws, springs, and wires need high accuracy to be suitable for construction projects. In addition, metal fabrication is used in construction projects to create scaffolding, supports, fences, security gates, doors, windows, stairs, and much more. Automotive & Transportation

The automotive industry is a huge and influential one, which is why it is constantly innovating. Automotive manufacturing relies heavily on the use of sheet metal and other components to produce vehicles and supporting parts and components like panels, exhaust systems, and much more. Other vehicles such as trucks, trains, and buses similarly use different metal parts. Energy

Oil and gas sectors rely on steel fabrication for structural parts. Fabrication services for the industry include pipe and pipe support manufacture. The renewable energy sector is growing rapidly and also relies on metal fabrication services to design and manufacture various components, like wind turbines. The tower that holds and rotates the turbine is a complex structure that requires precise engineering and fabrication to ensure its design and functionality. Mining

For mining companies, metal fabrication plays an important role in their growth and expansion. The reason is that the mining industry is constantly expanding its business and production, which depends on many areas like extraction of metal ores, metal processing, smelting etc. The mining sector uses a lot of equipment that depends on fabricated metals. The most common metal materials used are steel, copper, iron and aluminum. These materials are usually fabricated into building structures, transportation equipment, surface protection, and more. Aerospace

There's a lot that goes into metal fabrication within the aerospace industry. The reason is that the components used in building airplanes and other types of aerospace vehicles need to be flawlessly crafted, or they could lead to some very disastrous situations. The aerospace sector uses metal for all kinds of different parts, such as fuselages, wings, propellers, and more. Aircraft manufacturers require precise metal fabrication to manufacture components that are both strong and lightweight. Reliable Metal Fabrication in Edmonton

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