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Interesting Facts About Metal Fabrication

sheet metal cutting machine

According to research, the global metal fabrication service market will reach $17.2 billion by 2026. The need for metal processing and machinery is rising in most developing economies worldwide. This demand, in turn, drives the global metal fabrication industry. There are several processes involved in metal fabrication in Edmonton. After shaping, raw metallic materials undergo welding to complete the final product. A steel fabrication company transforms metal into usable products suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. Commercial applications of metal fabrication can be found in machinery, construction, aviation, appliances, and many other industries. The steel fabrication industry has a direct impact on our daily lives, but how much do you really know about it? Keep reading this article to learn five interesting facts about metal fabrication.

1. History of Metal Fabrication

The history of metal fabrication dates back to the Bronze Age, with the first examples of metalworking dating back to the 4th century BC. Metal fabrication shops came into existence during the Industrial revolution. During that time, the demand for metal got higher than before. The growth of steel fabrication boomed after the invention of the hydraulic press. With the development of different techniques and tools, metal fabrication has evolved over the centuries. 2. Magnificent Structures

The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, was constructed using more than 1.6 million cubic ft. of concrete, 39,000 tonnes of steel rebar, and 22 million man-hours. Even though it is twice as tall as the Empire State Building, the tubular design of Burj Khalifa required half the quantity of steel used to construct the famous NYC skyscraper. In 1923, more than 2,000 blacksmiths, riggers, and painters worked together to build the Sydney Harbour bridge. As the world’s tallest steel arch bridge, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a feat of engineering and architecture. Without its metal fabrication, it wouldn’t be possible. Containing 53,000 tonnes of steel, the bridge remains a beautiful and iconic landmark in one of Australia’s most famous cities. 3. The CAD Software

The steel fabrication industry has evolved over the last few decades. The industry is now focused on the use of computer-aided design (CAD) programs to make working with steel more efficient. This has led to the creation of complex steel parts with the help of 3D modelling software. It has also led to the use of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to produce these parts automatically. Automation in the steel fabrication industry allows for round-the-clock work, improving reproducibility and precision. Laser technology makes it easy to cut through thicker steel materials. Choosing Metal Fabrication in Edmonton

These interesting facts about the metal fabrication industry explain the rise in demand for metal processing and machinery. Being an important part of the world economy, it provides a large variety of products and services to the modern world. If you are looking for an experienced metal fabrication contractor in Edmonton, Terrick Enterprises Ltd has got you covered. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality craftsmanship and service for your metal fabrication needs. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our superior workmanship and flawless attention to detail. Get in touch with us today for all your metal fabrication needs in Edmonton.


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