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How Can Industrial Catwalks Keep Your Employees Safe?

Industrial catwalks

How Can Industrial Catwalks Keep Your Employees Safe?


If you manage a warehouse or an industrial business in Edmonton, Saskatoon or Calgary and you are looking for ways of improving safety and productivity, you have probably heard of industrial catwalks. Known for being a great way of improving logistics and operations in an industrial environment, catwalks can also provide safety to the workplace. But how exactly can these pathways help you keep a safe environment for your employees? Our blog brings valuable information showing how integrating catwalks into your facility can transform your warehouse and enhance its safety.

Efficient Pathways Are Safe Pathways


One of the greatest advantages of catwalks is that they create pathways for employees that can greatly improve efficiency in the workplace. Commonly made of steel, catwalks are resistant enough to allow many workers to have free access to different areas and better movement above the main floor. Moreover, these pathways allow employees to stay out of the way of heavy machinery operated in the ground area. This not only enhances efficiency in your facility’s operations but greatly reduces the risks of accidents in your warehouse, which makes it a much safer environment for you and your employees.


Enhancing Visibility for You and Your Employees


When it comes to safety in an industrial environment, one of the most important factors to consider is visibility. If you want to make sure that everyone in the factory is clearly aware of what each one is doing and what is happening in each area, catwalks can be extremely helpful. Providing a bird’s eye view of the entire warehouse floor, managers and employees can quickly take action in case they spot something wrong. It is known that quick detection of problems in an industrial environment can drastically reduce the risks of accidents, which makes catwalks an important ally for safety in the workplace.


Increasing Emergency Accessibility


Industrial and warehouse environments can be dangerous as a lot of tasks and heavy machinery is managed in an enclosed area. For that reason, in case of an emergency situation, quick and safe evacuation is paramount. Since catwalks improve employees’ movement above the ground level of the facility, it can also provide more efficient evacuation plans. In many cases, catwalks offer additional exits for employees in case something unexpected happens, which speeds up emergency evacuation and greatly increases the overall safety of your facility. It is important, however, to entrust your catwalk project to experienced professionals who will be able to not only indicate the best materials to be used but also help you design a safe and efficient catwalk layout taking into consideration every safety measure.

Your Choice for Catwalks in Calgary, Saskatoon, and Edmonton

If you are looking for ways of enhancing safety in your facility and are considering having catwalks installed in your workplace, Terrick Enterprises Ltd has got you covered. We can provide personalized custom-made catwalks that meet your facility’s layout and specific needs in Calgary, Saskatoon, and Edmonton. Our experienced team is committed to enhancing the functionality and safety of your industrial environment. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us provide a safe workplace for you and your employees.




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