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Difference Between Metal Fabrication vs Manufacturing

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Most people often use the terms manufacturing and fabrication interchangeably. However, the two terms allude to different processes. So, what's the main difference between metal fabrication vs manufacturing? Here is what you need to know.

What Is Fabrication?

Metal fabrication refers to the process of creating unique parts by using one or many processes, including bending, cutting, and welding. The process is used not only to create finished metal pieces but also to create pieces used as components in more complex machines. Many industries, from mining to construction, rely on metal fabrication services. Today, fabrication uses advanced tools and processes such as computer-aided design. What Is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is a process of creating products from raw materials, whether it’s soft or hard, to specific standards of quality. The manufacturing process depends on several factors such as the material's properties, the thickness and the size of the material and, of course, the final use of the finished product. The manufacturing scale differs from a small scale to a massive manufacturing factory. Metal Fabrication Vs Manufacturing

Manufacturing and fabrication are closely related. They often work together during the creation of a product. The process of creating a product starts with creating parts from raw materials. The main difference is that manufacturing creates a ready-to-use product. In contrast, fabrication is creating parts for products. Another key difference is that metal manufacturing is usually a repetitive process. On the contrary, fabrication involves one-off projects. In addition, metal manufacturing also tends to follow precise steps, whereas fabrication steps are based on the needs of the project at hand. Work With Metal Fabrication Experts in Edmonton

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