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High-Quality Pipe Support Clamps and Saddles in Edmonton

Terrick Enterprises Ltd has been a mainstay company in the supply of piping products for the oil and gas industry in Edmonton for many years. Our team understands your industry's needs and can manufacture pipe clamps and pipe hangers to custom sizes as per your specific needs. We build and offer a broad range of piping support products that can be used in a variety of different applications.  


If you’re looking for pipe support products for your next project, you’ve come to the right place! We provide a wide selection of pipe clamps, pipe hangers, and other types of metal fabrication products in Edmonton.  Connect with us for a quote today.  

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What Is A Pipe Support?

A pipe support is an element that is designed to transfer the load from a pipe to the supporting structures. The load in the pipe consists of its weight, the content it carries, all the attached pipeline fittings, and even the insulation that covers the pipe. Your pipe support will perform four primary functions, which include anchoring, guiding, absorbing any shock, and providing support to the load that the pipe contains. 


Pipe supports, or Pipe shoes, need to be stable enough to carry the weight of pipes, any in-line equipment, and the material in the pipeline for over a defined span. An effective pipe support system needs proper fitting by experienced professionals. The team at Terrick Enterprises Ltd. offers customized pipe support in Edmonton based on your needs and the scope of your industry. Moreover, we have over 28 years of experience in steel fabrication. Would you like to find out more about steel fabrication and how it can benefit your business? Our blog can let you have a better understanding. 

What are Pipe Clamps?

Pipe clamps are a support mechanism used to connect the pipe to the pipe hanger assembly.

They can be circular or semicircular and need to be chosen correctly to fit around the cable or tubing you are installing.  


Pipe clamps are one of the most versatile and efficient forms of heavy-duty strapping. They are used in most industries, such as manufacturing, construction, electrical and general fabrication, aerospace, and more.


Here at Terrick, we manufacture pipe clamps to custom sizes per your requirements. Call us today for more information.   

Benefits of Pipe Clamps 

Having pipe clamps ensures your pipes are safe and your whole system runs smoothly. Here are some of its other benefits: 

  • Elevate Pipes: You can keep the pipes off corrosive surfaces by welding them to a pipe shoe. It also keeps metal from scraping against harsh surfaces and wearing down.
  • Hang pipes: It lets you hang pipes from ceilings or suspended beams. Pipe clamps secure your pipes in unstable environments and reduce vibrations.  

Kinds of Pipe Shoes

A pipe shoe is a structure consisting of a saddle attached to a base that supports the pipe by transferring the load or forces to the adjacent structure. Here are the different types of pipe shoes in Edmonton that we offer:

  • Pipe Guides

  • Pipe Anchors

  • Insulated Supports (Cold Shoes)

  • Engineered Spring Supports (Variable Springs)

What Are Pipe Hangers? 

Pipe hangers help suspend massive pipes and allow them to hold heavy structures. All of this while keeping pipes protected from corrosion or damage. Since they often dangle in mid-air, pipe hangers have to withstand the weight of your pipes. When used correctly, pipe hangers can improve the lifespan of your entire piping system. Connect with us to onboard a professional pipe support system for this task.  



Purpose of Pipe Hangers 

One may wonder what the gravity-defying tool's role is in your next project. Pipe hangers in Edmonton are meant to secure piping by carrying the full weight load of piping, thus, making it possible to hang from vertical spaces. It also allows one to run pipes through more convenient spaces without exposing them to corrosive elements. As the name suggests, hangers tend to dangle from anchors, which means they need to be secure tightly to hold the weight of the pipe and its contents while also accounting for gravity. 


Benefits of Pipe Hangers 

A few of the benefits of choosing pipe hangers are: 

  • Pipe hangers take the pressure off pipes, protecting them from rupturing or crashing into other objects.  
  • With pipe hangers, one can lift pipes off the surface areas of a corrosive environment, protecting them from the elements.  

Why Choose Our Pipe Support Products in Edmonton? 

Here at Terrick Enterprises Ltd, we have over 28 years of experience in steel fabrication and providing high-quality pipe support systems to the oil and gas industry. Over the years of serving different clientele in Edmonton, we have emerged as a reliable and credible supplier of high-quality pipe support products in the area. You can always count on our years of experience, professionalism, and integrity to provide you with the type of product support you need for your project. Please browse our gallery to see how we have helped clients in the past and better understand our products.  


When you choose us for pipe hangers and pipe clamps in Edmonton, you won’t just get high-quality and heavy-duty products but also excellent customer support. Our expert team will always be there to answer any questions you may have about our piping support products.  


Our products are manufactured based on industry requirements such as process temperatures, project needs, and other considerations. Whatever the load or the climate may be, our system is built to handle the strain. When you use a quality pipe support system such as pipe hangers and pipe clamps in Edmonton, you will get the best products available on the market. The styles and materials we choose are based on the weight of the pipe fittings, valves, and covers.  Call us for a quote today. 

Professional Advice and Troubleshooting

When you choose our purpose-built pipe support in Edmonton, you don't just get a high-quality and heavy-duty product. You also get a support network of people who completely vouch for the quality of their goods. Our designers and technicians at Terrick Enterprises Ltd are always available to answer questions about our customized pipe support system offerings.

Quality Pipe Hangers and Pipe Clamps in Edmonton 

Over the years of serving clients in different industries, Terrick Enterprises Ltd has emerged as a reliable supplier of durable pipe support products in Edmonton. 

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