Neodymium Magnets in Edmonton: Holding, Lifting, and More

When you’re faced with the challenges of maintaining your shop’s floor, think of neodymium magnets as your aid! If your shop contains a lot of metal parts or debris, they can be practically used as metal detectors or nail finders. From magnetic sweepers to magnetic lifts, from magnetic grips to magnetic plate drags, Terrick Enterprises Ltd. has the practical solutions your shop needs. Based in Sherwood Park, AB, we specialize in neodymium magnets in Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

Considered a part of the rare earth magnet family, neodymium magnets are composed primarily of neodymium, iron, and boron and have become more affordable and relevant to the average consumer in recent years. Although they’re usually quite small and metallic in appearance, they’re portable and about 10 times stronger than other magnets, making them one of the strongest magnets the world has ever seen and ideal for most projects and shop applications.

Revolutionizing Many Fields Today

Largely due to their resistance to demagnetisation, neodymium magnets have been used to revolutionize many fields of study, including electrical motor manufacturing, medical science, renewable energy, and technology. However, they’ve also been proven effective in many everyday applications, including modelling, jewellery making, and arts and crafts. You can find them used in everything from hard disk drives and audio equipment to dentures, MRI scanners, door catches, motors and generators, and magnetic bearings. Due to their very corrosive nature, they can be considered dangerous if mishandled. For maximum energy and output, they should be coated.

More about Our Material-Handling & Lifting Magnets

Our material-handling magnets are ideal for lifting, dragging, and holding steel. Lifting magnets include a variety of permanent magnets and electromagnets. Dragging smaller pieces of metal can be accomplished with magnetic claws. Holding magnets we stock include RB20, RB45, RB50, RB70, RB80, and RB100. Magnetic grates and tramp iron traps are available for cleaning metal from your non-metallic products. Permanent magnetic material includes ceramic, rare earth (neodymium and samarium cobalt), and alnico magnets. We are distributors for Master Magnetics, Magnetool, and Eclipse Magnets, including Ultralift. Our magnetic product offerings include:

Holding magnets

Battery-operated lift magnets

Magnetic sweepers – 12”-84”

Permanent magnetic discs and blocks in ceramic, neodymium and samarium cobalt


Magnetic grates

Flexible Magnets

Magnetic claws
Tramp iron traps
Magnetic Sheeting

Get an Estimate on Neodymium Magnets in Edmonton

Neodymium magnets are often used in mounting tools, holders, and finders in commercial and industrial settings. They’ve been used by everybody, from engineers and designers to inventors and even NASA during the Mars Exploration Rovers mission. They’re ideal for permanent lifting magnets, wind turbines, and generators due to their energy-efficiency, and they can also be found in many workshops and construction sites because they can clamp metal tools securely in place. If you’re looking for material-handling or neodymium magnets in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, contact us today for more information or to request an estimate!

For Your Workplace

We offer steel fabrication, warehouse storage and industrial/commercial magnets.

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