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How to Choose the Best Warehouse Racking in Edmonton

Your warehouse is the backbone of your business. Choosing the proper racking system is critical to keeping your warehouse in order. Overlooking the importance of this infrastructure could be costing you money.

In this article, you will learn how to select the best warehouse racking in Edmonton, save costs and increase the return on your investment.

Read on to discover warehouse racking tips and tactics that will accelerate business growth and drive profitability!


Efficient Storage

Industrial warehouse racks allow you to grow your storage facility vertically. You will be able to store more inventory within the same building footprint. However, these systems need to be designed thoroughly in order to fit your business.

Finding the best rack solution requires careful consideration of what is being stored. Product size, weight, and shelf life are some of the most important factors in determining the best industrial warehouse racking.

Also, consider any stock rotation requirements such as First In First Out (FIFO) or Last In First Out (LIFO). The goal is to find the most efficient storage solution to optimize warehouse space


Enhanced Productivity

Configuration of your industrial warehouse racks should lead to productivity improvements. Maximizing accessibility to the racks will allow employees to fill orders faster. Also, inventory will be easier to track and maintain.

Attention should also be given to how traffic will flow around the pallet racks. This can result in lower forklift operating costs and better use of existing floor space. 


Cost Considerations

It is important to consider the life-cycle costs of your industrial warehouse racking. Saving money upfront on a cheap racking system may not be the best solution in the long run. 

The quality of the steel, the strength of the welds, and the use of bracing all impact the durability of your industrial warehouse racks. By starting with a high-quality solution, you will avoid costly repairs and replacements down the road.

The industrial warehouse racks can also affect the future growth and management of your business. Upgrading existing pallet racks can be costly. By factoring in future growth projections, you can create a racking system that allows for expanding inventory needs. This approach will save time and money in the long run.



Ensuring worker safety is paramount when choosing industrial racks for a warehouse. Collision damage to industrial warehouse storage racks is a leading cause of failure and worker injury. 

Pallet racks should be engineered to exceed maximum load tolerances. Proper use of post guards and safety rails ensure that your racks and your workers are protected. Quality metal fabrication and installation increase overall warehouse safety


Warehouse Racking in Edmonton

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