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Five Warehouse Racking Tips for Warehouse Managers

If you are a warehouse manager, you surely understand the need for a proper storage plan. If your storage system is good, it can increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Racking plays a crucial role in any storage system. Warehouse racking facilitates smooth operation and optimum warehouse organization. Terrick Enterprises Ltd has been meeting the warehousing and storage needs of the people of Edmonton for 25 years now, providing pallet racking services. Gloss through the gallery section on our website to know more about what we offer.

Warehouse Racking Tips You Should Know

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re a warehouse manager:

Planning is important

You need to have a vision when it comes to warehouse racking. You should not just layout the warehouse based on what feels right. Having a design is extremely important. The company that you get the pallet racking from will have years’ of experience in laying out warehouses, listen to their advice and take their suggestions into consideration. Determine a plan on how things are going to be in your warehouse instead of rushing into it.

Make a budget

You might want to get the most for the lowest price, but that is not always the best option. Consider planning on a budget that which contains the projected costs for new racking and also includes designing and installing. Make sure that the racking you choose meets all your requirements and try to avoid cutting corners.

Increase the usage of vertical storage units

Instead of investing in a new building for storage, it is better that you begin using the vertical space you already have. Setting up vertical storage units is the best way to make use of the square footage of your warehouse. Expansion is costlier than refurbishing. Focus on the options that you have in front of you and make good use of them.

Strive towards maximum efficiency

Place the storage units such that they provide the greatest efficiency and are easy to locate. Check out the various options available for storage and select the one that will help organize the shipments better. Your storage layout will determine how fast the shipping is going to be, maintaining order is crucial here.

Get bulk storage for products which cannot be shelved

Certain products are too huge to fit inside shelves. Get bulk storage racks that are available in all shapes, lengths and heights. They will help you store bulky and large items. You can install pallets on the floor so that they can support large-scale machine parts.

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