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Five Tips to Improve Warehouse Racking Safety

Warehouse racking safety measures are a necessity for any organization. Racks maximize the storage space and make it easier for products to be arranged efficiently. Many factors have to be considered for warehouse racking safety, such as installation errors, design failure and overloading. Other factors that affect the efficiency of the racking system are aisle width and warehouse layout. Pallet rack damage can lead to safety issues and staff injuries. Forklift collisions and accidents are often caused by negligence in loading pallets. Invest in durable pallet racks for maximum storage in your warehouse. Count on Terrick Enterprises Ltd for a wide selection of pallet racking offerings in Edmonton. We have been providing steel fabrication and pallet racking services for over 25 years.

Racking safety is of prime importance to avoid product damage or injuries. Unsafe racking can also lead to the collapse of a racking system.


Have a look at tips to improve your warehouse’s racking safety:


Periodic Inspection


Schedule an assessment to understand the state of your racks. Create a checklist for detailed findings of any racking system issues. The checklist can include problems such as overloading and damages to the racks. You can prioritize the issues and take preventive measures in handling the problem areas. Installing signage will also help avoid unauthorized modifications of the racks.


Avoid Exceeding Rack Capacity


Check rack capacity before loading products onto it. Loading more products than the capacity can damage the structure and eventually lead to collapse in warehouse racking. If you are changing the products to store on racks, be mindful of the weight that the rack can handle. You can also document the beam capacity of each rack to ensure the load capacity is maintained.


Replace Damaged Components


Replace or repair damaged components immediately. Train your workers regarding rack safety and what exactly to look for in case of rack damage. Damaged racks pose a safety risk to the people working nearby. If a racking system collapses, it can lead to serious health injuries.


Install Rack Protection


Install safety equipment to provide additional support to the warehouse racking system. Have a look at some tips for installing additional equipment:

·       Use the right forklifts for safe operation within your warehouse. Consider factors such as aisle width, the height of the rack and the product that has to be transported

·       Install post protectors to keep the forklifts from hitting the racks

·       Adding double base will provide additional support to the racks

·       Custom rack protection can protect racks from forklift collisions


Loading and Unloading Pallet Racking


The operators must undergo training to place the load on racks properly. There can be increased damage to the racks due to the fast loading and unloading of pallet racking. While placing the load, the weight should be distributed evenly across the rack. Damaged pallets should be replaced immediately.


To ensure safety across the warehouse, keep the aisles clear of any obstruction for forklift operators. Terrick Enterprises Ltd provides warehouse racking services for various types of businesses and storage facilities. We also offer custom metal fabrication and pipe clamps.


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