Comparing Wire Decking and Pallet Supports

A pallet rack is a type of storage system ideal for holding items that are packed on a pallet. New and used pallet racking in Edmonton provides a fantastic storage solution for all sorts of businesses and storage facilities. In order to further enhance the support of their pallet racks, many businesses choose either additional pallet supports or wire decking.

At Terrick Enterprises Ltd. we offer both types of pallet racks in Edmonton, and our customers often ask us which one is the better of the two options. The truth is that both pallet supports and wire decking have unique advantages for different applications. The question you should be asking is, "which one is a better choice for my needs?"

The Uses and Benefits of Pallet Supports

Pallet supports, also known as safety bars, are designed to provide additional support and stability to the pallets on your racking system. While a pallet is designed to be able to bear the weight of the product it carries, its strength can be compromised over time by wear, tear, and heavy loads. Pallet safety bars can help enhance the structural integrity of a pallet which isn't in the best shape, preventing the pallet or the inventory on top from crashing down through the pallet rack. They can help also your newer pallets remain in good condition for a much longer period of time.

Additionally, you might require pallet supports if you are dealing with pallets that don't reach across the span of your pallet racking. Most pallet racks are made to hold pallets of a uniform shape and size, forcing you to find alternative storage options for smaller pallets.

The Uses and Benefits of Wire Decking

If you need to store open case items, split case products, or any other types of loose articles on your Edmonton facility's pallet rack system, then wire decking may be the better option for you. It allows items that may otherwise fall through a pallet support system to be stored with ease. It also prevents loose items from falling, sustaining damage, causing damage to items below, or causing injury to workers.

Wire decking is far superior to the wood or plywood decking which was used in warehouses and storage facilities in the past. Not only is it more durable but, in the event of a fire, it won't contribute to the blaze and it will allow the water from sprinklers to pass through to a greater area.

New and Used Pallet Racking in Edmonton

Once you take stock of the kinds of items that you need to store, you'll have a good idea of whether your facility could benefit most from pallet supports, wire decking, or perhaps even from a combination of both. The Edmonton pallet racking professionals at Terrick Enterprises Ltd. will also be more than happy to help you decide. We specialize in both the sale and repair of new and used pallet racking.

If you have any more questions about new or used pallet racking in the Edmonton area, then don't hesitate to get in touch with Terrick Enterprises Ltd. today.